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Trevor W. Coleman is an award-winning and nationally recognized journalist, author, speechwriter and strategic communications expert. He’s worked at the highest levels of government, academia, and non-profit and business communications.

During the 1990s and early 2000s, Coleman was a long-time member of the editorial board of Michigan’s largest newspaper, the Detroit Free Press. Leveraging his years as an urban affairs reporter for the Detroit News, editorial writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer, columnist and reporter for the Hartford Courant and contributing editor for the NAACP Crisis Magazine, Emerge Magazine and Blac Detroit Magazine, Coleman specialized in writing about issues related to urban policy, healthcare, education, government and the law. His highly anticipated columns on race, family and urban affairs were widely read — stirring up conversation, letters and comments from people of all walks of life.

A recipient of numerous national awards for excellence in journalism, Coleman was nominated for the 1992 Pulitzer Prize as a lead writer for a team of Detroit News reporters who traveled across the country for two years writing on the state of Black America for a year-long series called “Who Speaks for Black America?”

Later Coleman transitioned his expertise and knowledge of urban affairs and the media to serve as chief speechwriter to the former governor of Michigan, Gov. Jennifer Granholm. He served as the Senior Communications Advisor for the Governor’s Southeast Michigan office, which was responsible for delivering the governor’s message and promoting the governor’s policies to the more than six million residents in the Detroit metropolitan region. He was also the Governor’s Office liaison to the Governor’s Asian and Pacific Island American Advisory Council and the Governor’s Arab American and Chaldean American Advisory Council. (more…)

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