With Bill O’Reilly gone, the racism will continue

While it is somewhat delicious that it was a black woman who appears to be the straw that helped break Bill O’Reilly’s back at Fox News — it is Fox News. So, he’ll be replaced by another racist, who might be just a little more careful about his sexism. But, he will be every bit as racist as the racist O’Reilly, because racism is an integral part of the Fox News value system, as is lying to their viewers.

And other thing: One more thing about this vulgar Bill O’Reilly mess. Am I the only one who finds it troubling that several of these women who lodged complaints of sexual harassment against O’Reilly had to emphasize almost immediately, that they were not seeking financial compensation for his harassment, in spite of the fact his behavior clearly impacted their ability to earn a living for themselves and support their families? Why is it that a woman’s claim of victimization by a powerful man is considered more “believable” if she does not pursue monetary damages against her abuser? If his actions resulted in her being dislocated from her job under emotional duress, either voluntarily or through his manipulations, then he clearly caused her future potential earnings. Short of having the statute of limitations run out, no victim of discrimination should have to sacrifice the right to compensation just to make a point about the integrity of their complaint.

Trevor W. Coleman